Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The organic architecture of E. Fay Jones, Frank LLoyd Wright where all early influences in my life thanks to my Uncle Marshall Purvis who studied under E. Fay Jones at the University of Arkansas's school of architecture. Although my uncle never became an architect due to a automobile accident his senior year in collage which left him a quadriplegic he remained friends with Jones and was very active and influential in the setting up the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). My uncle was a great admirer of Frank LLoyd Wright as was E. Fay Jones who apprenticed at Wrights school of architecture Taliesen . My Uncle had numerous book on Frank LLoyd Wright which I looked at and studied every time I visited him. As my interest in architecture grew my uncle began to teach me the principles of organic architecture and other things like how to draw plans, elevations and 3 point perspectives of buildings and houses. His love and passion of architecture became mine. As I began my formal architecture training thru high school, college and even setting up my own architectural practice my uncle remained my mentor up until his passing in 2005.
The principles my uncle taught me along with growing up with my uncles disabilities has created my passion for lifetime design and green designed (organic) architecture. Which I hope to someday pass on to another generation.