Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Exciting news from Arn McIntyre of Ferris State University Energy Center (Our Green rater) and Habitat for Humanity of Kent County our "335 Freyling Place Net-Zero Energy Project" just received a preliminary HERS score of -1. This is possibly the new lowest HERs score in the State of Michigan. It's all preliminary but we'll have firm results this fall upon completion:

  • Area of conditioned space 2904
  • Btu/ sf/ hdd .51
  • Peak heat loss design 11.6 kbtu/h
  • Shell area: 5677
  • ACH 50 4.23
  • Total cfm of blower door 400cfm
  • Date of blower door test 4/8/11
  • Test performed by Arn McIntyre
  • Electrical kwh per year 28.6mmbtu/yr
  • Fossil btu per year 20.2mmbtu/yr
  • Renewable Elec produced per year 33.5mmbtu/yr
  • HERS index -1
See the post below for more information on what a HERs score is.

As I mentioned in the post below, I am a firm believer in Kaizen ( A Japanese philosophy), or continuous improvement. I am continually studying the building science of homes to make improvements to them so they are as energy efficient as possible within their budgets. So even though a HERS rating of -1 is the best we have achieved so far our goal are to continually improve upon that score with the ultimate goal of a HERS score of even a larger negative score.