Friday, September 21, 2012

"Onekama Hybrid House"
Image Design, LLC a leader in ICF designed homes has now official designed 26 different ICF home in Michigan and as far away as Lake Placid, New York. Our designs have earned 7 LEED for Homes "Platinum"  and 1 LEED for Homes "Gold" certifications along with 9 national ICF awards (see below) making us a leader in the design of ICF homes in Michigan. We are about to launch our new internet based sustainable house plan company called SEED Studio's, LLC which will be selling many of the award winning ICF house plans.

ICFA Awards
2008 ICFA Sustainability "Gold" Award ("Onekama Hybrid House" ICF Home)
2008 ICFA Large Residential "Gold" Award ("Onekama Hybrid House" ICF Home)
2009/2010 ICFA Large Residential "Gold" Award ("Vineyard Project"  ICF Home)
2009/2010 ICFA Small Residential "Gold" Award  ("Granite Hill Project" ICF Home)
2009/2010 ICFA Sustainability "Silver" Award ("Vineyard Project"  ICF Home)
2009/2010 ICFA Sustainability "Bronze" Award ("Granite Hill Project" ICF Home)

ICF Builder Magazine Awards
2008 Best Large ICF Residence Award ("Onekama Hybrid House" ICF Home)

Green Builder Magazine Awards
Green Builder Magazine 2009 Home of the Year Award ("Vineyard Project"  ICF Home)
Green Builder Magazine 2011 Home of the Year Award ("River Escape Project" ICF Home)

Benefits of a ICF Home
  • 30-70% savings in energy consumption and costs (good for your pocketbook and the environment)
  • Tornado, hurricane and earthquake resistant (keeping your family and belongings safe and sound)
  • 75% reduction in outside air infiltration (less dust and allergens)
  • Three times quieter than a wood-frame home
  • Building with ICFs saves at least 10 trees per home
  • ICFs can be used to build virtually any home plan, using any finish - brick, stucco, siding, and more.