Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A affordable Near Zero Energy, projected LEED for Homes "Platinum" project called the "Genesis Project" designed by Image Design is now under construction in Grand Rapids and will be built by Students from Grand Rapids Public Schools Academy of Design & Construction and Habitat for Humanity of Kent County. This home is a Passive Solar home and will have concrete floors and a trombe wall for Thermal Mass. The homes foundation will be constructed with a Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) from Logix , installed by our friends from R-Value Conctrete Structures, LLC and the rest of the home will be Advanced Framed @ 24" O.C. with 2" of Dow foam to stop the studs from Thermal Bridging. The roof will be R-Control SIP panels from TEAM Industries with Energy Star Landmark Solaris roof shingles that reflect the sun from CertainTeed. The home will have Solar Hot Water panels tied into to a Radiant Heating system and it will be pre-wired for future Photovoltaic panels (Unless some solar company out there would like to donate some panel to this project!!!!). The Genesis Home plan is the most energy efficient design that Habitat for Humanity of Kent county has ever built and offers a tremendous opportunity for students to learn cutting-edge green building and Design techniques.

Come visit this home on the 2011 Spring Parade of Homes.